Around £6,000 is needed to fund each of our professional development courses for teachers of English. This is all spent on the administration of the course itself plus teaching and learning material for the Kyrgyz teachers. This funding has been obtained thanks to the generosity of trustees’ friends and family, with some recourse to crowdfunding. Our volunteers pay all their own expenses.

The Gateway project cost £54,000 for the first three years, to cover the pay of the expert teachers, computer facilities and learning material. This was achieved thanks to a £20,000 grant from the British and Foreign School Society (BFSS) with an additional grant of £34,000 from the UK Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

Further major funding is necessary if the project is to continue and expand to meet the strong demand.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have also sent additional donations to Kyrgyzstan to help alleviate extreme poverty as the country was shut down. This money helped to buy flour, oil and hand sanitiser for families with several children in poorer districts of Bishkek and in the Bazar Korgon area.

If you feel that you can help us to achieve our funding goals, please kindly contact us.