Volunteering in Kyrgyzstan was a fantastic experience that improved my Russian immeasurably and sparked a love of Central Asia that saw me spend a further four years living there. I now share my passion for this part of the world with my students of Russian.

Our volunteers for the professional development of teachers courses are all dedicated educational professionals with experience in English language teaching and/or teacher training. Many, but not all, have some knowledge of Russian, which helps on an everyday level.

All possess a sense of adventure and the cultural sensitivity necessary to work in a developing country. They appreciate the opportunity to live in an awesomely beautiful area and to make a huge difference to the lives of teachers, and, through them, their pupils. Many choose to stay on after the course to travel further around the region and perhaps even stay in a yurt!

Volunteers are asked to pay most of their own expenses: mainly flights, board and lodging in a Kyrgyz family. Living costs are extremely low, the food rich and varied and the hospitality generous.

If you feel able to meet the undoubted challenges of working in Central Asia for a fortnight, please contact us without delay for further details. We would love to meet you!

We have also been fortunate to obtain the longer-term services of volunteers with English mother tongue for the Gateway Project. Most are university students of Russian spending their year abroad in a Russophone country.

‘Going to Kyrgyzstan changed my life, and now Central Asia has become one of my main research interests.’